INFANTI BUS and COACH UPHOLSTERY | Signature Interior Detailing
Infanti™ Bus & Coach Upholstery serves bus and coach owners and operators nationwide with the dedication and professionalism its long time clientele has come to rely upon and expect.
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Signature Interior Detailing

Let us give your precious unit a deep cleaning for instant revitalization and rejuvenation– It’s a spa treatment for your coach!

Infanti™ Bus and Coach uses state of the art equipment in a gentle and eco-friendly way, making your coach look and feel brand new. So fresh, so clean; your customers will feel as though they are riding in a new coach.

Your Coach Deserves Some Love!

Allow us at Infanti Bus and Coach Upholstery to give your coach the spa treatment it needs. Just as we practice good hygiene and self care, our vehicles need maintenance, too!

We’ll enhance the beauty of your coach with a deep cleaning bath intended to restore your interior and exterior from all its hard work on the road. Our detoxifying products are gentle enough to use on your precious coach and strong enough to make a lasting impact. Our full-service wash system lathers up deodorized foam to get in between the cracks of the hard-to-reach places, as we scrub to ensure it’s left squeaky clean. Our spot-free rinse will leave your coach shiny and looking like new. The pampering we provide is one of a kind; drop your vehicle off to allow us to cater your coach from bumper-to-bumper!

You rejuvenated coach will smell fresh and inviting, making it a pleasure to drive and show off to your passengers.