INFANTI BUS and COACH UPHOLSTERY | Signature Interior Detailing
Infanti™ Bus & Coach Upholstery serves bus and coach owners and operators nationwide with the dedication and professionalism its long time clientele has come to rely upon and expect.
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Signature Interior Detailing

SIGNATURE Interior Detailing

We provide thorough interior detailing:

…let us give your precious unit a deep cleaning so that it will be revitalized and rejuvenated….like going to a Coach spa…

Infanti™ Bus and Coach uses state of the art equipment in a gentle and eco-friendly way, makes your coach look and feel line new.

It will be so clean and crisp, that your customers will feel as though they are riding in a new coach.

Please contact us  to schedule your unit’s detailing at our promotional rate. Special pricing for multiple units are also available.

Unable to bring your unit to our premises? You don’t have to worry about it, we will serve you at your location or designated place.