INFANTI BUS and COACH UPHOLSTERY | Upholstery & Refurbishing
Infanti™ Bus & Coach Upholstery serves bus and coach owners and operators nationwide with the dedication and professionalism its long time clientele has come to rely upon and expect.
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Upholstery & Refurbishing


Interior Upgrades – After a thorough assessment, we will advise you of the best and most cost-effective solution for your unit

Upholstery, Refurbishing and OEM Replacement:

Complete Interior Refurbishing

Entrance door, panels, jump seat

Driver Seat: upholstery, upgrade seat using memory gel foam for driver’s extra comfort

Seats: headrest replacement, seat foam replacement, seat webbing replacement, if needed

Side Panels

Under Luggage


Back Walls

Lavatory Doors - Area

Unable to bring your unit to our facilities? We can serve you and perform these services at your facilities, 24/7/365…