Infanti™ Bus & Coach Upholstery serves bus and coach owners and operators nationwide with the dedication and professionalism its long time clientele has come to rely upon and expect.
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Branding is a process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Why should people choose your company over your competitors?
A good, creative brand lets your customers know who you are, and helps them to identify with your brand. It will give them a reason to choose you over others. It distinguishes your company from that of your competitors. Branding will create sales and revenue for your business and leads to recognition and loyalty.
It is critical to seize every opportunity to make a lasting impact on your customer.
Here are the services that we provide as part of your overall branding strategy.
We offer expert embroidery for interior branding and exterior fleet graphics/bus wraps as key components for your overall branding strategy.
Embroider your logo onto any upholstered surface in your bus or coach’s interior. Customers will remember your name when it is time to plan their next excursion!
Fleet Graphics/Bus Wraps:
Take advantage of the marketing space on your coach. It’s a mobile billboard for your company’s brand 24/7.
Good graphics will have a huge impact for your brand. We offer complete design services that can be adapted to any coach model.
Bus graphics not only reflect your brand identity, but are an addition to your marketing strategy.
Infanti services include removal of your current graphic wraps/decals, as well as professional production & installation of your new fleet graphics or wrap.
We deliver exceptional printing quality, on time, with a competitive edge!