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The Baran’s Aerocoach Interior Restoration Project

The Baran’s Aerocoach Interior Restoration Project

The Museum of Bus Transportation approached us for a proposal to restore the Baran’s Aerocoach Bus, if I’m not mistaken, in October of 2017.

I was going to Buenos Aires, and I promised Becky and Angel Tollens that we would stop by to see the bus’s condition and the work that would need to be done as soon as I returned.

My family picked me up at the airport, and from JFK we went straight to Hershey, PA to meet Becky and Angel to assess the bus’s interior.   A beautiful 1945 bus, a silent witness of another time, sitting in the Museum’s Annex was waiting to be restored to its original beauty and glory.

Back at the office the next day, we needed to present a proposal to the Museum.

Instead, we decided to take on the restoration on our own as our small contribution to the Museum’s ongoing task to “preserve” this segment of the transportation industry’s history and glory.

Becky and Angel Tollens were key throughout this entire process, from beginning to completion.

The rest now is history.

The Aerocoach is back home where it belongs, as beautiful as it ever was.

We thank the entire Board at the Museum of Bus Transportation for entrusting us with this “love filled” project.

Elizabeth & Hector Deffer

For complete details please click the link below:

1945 Barans Aerocoach

The Baran’s Aerocoach Interior Restoration Project